SCAD World School (CBSE)


Campus: The vast and beautiful campus having 50 plus acres of land is indeed a feast for the eyes with high raised hills around the school, thriving plants on matted grass lawns which keeps students fresh and active throughout. The school is set in an elevated position and is surrounded by grassed areas. The campus is totally pollution-free and is conducive to the overall development of the child. It has children's park, gardens, swimming pool to satisfy all age group of students.

Transport: The School owns 5 buses, which ply between different areas to the school. The transportation fee is collected along with the annual fees. Students who opt for this facility have to avail it throughout the year. Bus stops are fixed after thorough survey of the situation and any future request for a change would be considered only on valid grounds acceptable to the school.

School Building: Building has got all kinds of modern accessories having all kinds of safety measures, toilet facilities in each floor for Boys and Girls separately. It has laboratories, library, computer center, audio-visual room, sports room, gymnasium, music room, band room, prayer hall, indoor sports complex, auditorium, first-aid room.

Class Rooms: Classes are well resourced and children play their part in keeping their rooms clean and tidy.  Each class has access to practical facilities and drinking water. It has digital board, racks & soft board. And EDU Com Smart Class accessibility is available with each and every class room with Air conditioner.