SCAD World School (CBSE)


The School Library at SCAD World School is meant to be much more than just a library. It is meant to serve as an entire world of discovery and wonderment; a place where our young students will learn the importance of books in their academic development.

One of the outcomes of their regular visits to the library would be their gradual understanding of the joy and inspiration books can bring throughout their lives.

The library is meant to play an integral part in the delivery of the curricular programme. It is meant to provide supporting material for learning in the classrooms, and help teach skills required by the students to become literate, informed and able to face the world.

Laboratories: Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Biology Lab, Computer Lab, Language Lab and Mathematics Lab.

Teaching Staff:  The school is proud to have a team of highly qualified and experienced staff in each of the Wings. They impart knowledge in strict accordance with the CBSE guidelines. The School provides child-centered learning opportunities so as to explore students’ latent abilities and sharpen their personalities.